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Global Campus recognizes that not every student learns the same way, at the same time, or at the same pace. Global Campus seeks to remove barriers and create new opportunities so that you can receive the best possible learning experiences for the next steps in your life.  Below are a few reasons why you should consider taking an online course through Global Campus:


✔ To prepare you for your future

You are living, working, and learning in an increasingly digital world.  It’s essential you have the necessary online skills required to be successful in college, your careers, and job training. Center Grove Global Campus will provide you with the opportunity to learn these necessary skills now to help you be successful no matter what your future holds.


✔ To be in control of your learning

You may learn the same material as your classmates, but how you get there is up to you!


✔ To eliminate scheduling challenges

During the school year, you can schedule your online course through Global Campus during any period of the day. You may be able to leave early, or come in later. You may also decide to take an online course in the summer to free up your school year schedule for more AP courses, electives, or special interest courses.


✔ To give you a greater sense of independence

Global Campus is conducted much like a college atmosphere. You’ll be held accountable for your submitting your work on time, but you choose when and where you want to learn.


✔ To be able to review your class materials as often as needed

Your course content is available to you any time, from anywhere, provided you have access to the internet.


✔ To improve your technology skills

Our learning tools are some of the most sophisticated tools on the market today. When you’re working with cutting-edge technology, you’re bound to make advances in your technology know-how.


✔ To receive more personalized attention from your teacher

Our class sizes are smaller to give you an opportunity to receive ongoing feedback from your teacher.