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Parents, our children are growing up in an digital world where they will be expected to learn, work, and effectively communicate through the use of modern technologies. Becoming a successful online learner is an integral skill that students must encompass to thrive in today’s increasingly global environments. Today’s learners gravitate to social media and other interactive tools, but it’s essential they also understand how to utilize these tools for educational purposes; to research, create, and share their knowledge with others. Global Campus leverages technology to harness our learners’ greatest potential.


Online learning provides an opportunity for students to own their learning and demonstrate a commitment to their studies.  In an online environment, learners become active participants and contributors.  For some students, this is a new way of learning. With online learning on the rise in both K-12 and higher education, many students will find themselves taking online courses in college and careers, yet find themselves with no preparation for such experiences.


Taking advantage of these online opportunities now will provide your child with the necessary experiences to be successful in a variety of formal and informal learning environments.  While highly-motivated and self-disciplined learners will often be successful candidates for online learning, it’s important that all students with an interest have an opportunity to learn the important skills of being an online learner.


Online learning may remove barriers to your child’s learning. Taking online courses through Global Campus will allow your child to take courses not otherwise available, explore special interest courses, recover credits, avoid scheduling challenges, or advance in learning by getting a lead on those core courses.



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