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What technology is needed for Global Campus courses?

Students will need the following technology to be successful in online courses:

  1. Reliable access to high-speed internet (minimum of 512kbps)
  2. Newest version of your favorite internet browser – Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the preferred browsers
  3. Microphone or built-in microphone
  4. Webcam or built-in camera for iPad
  5. Google account for Gmail, Google Apps, and Google Docs (All CGHS students have a Google account. View: How do I create a Google account?)
  6. Computer speed:  1GB of RAM, 2GHz processor
  7. Operating system: Windows XP SP3 and newer, Mac OSX 10.6 and newer, and Linux – chromeOS
  8. Java plug-in for computers
  9. For mobile devices: The latest iOS or Android app for Canvas and YouTube
  10. Headphones or earbuds
  11. For students with screen readers: newest version of JAWS or VoiceOver

Please note:  Additional technology requirements vary based on the course.  Be sure to view the requirements in the course description and/or course syllabus.