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When do I complete my coursework?

Being an online learner gives you flexibility as to when and what time you choose to work on your online studies. Our courses do not require you be online at the same time as your teacher and classmates. Global Campus students are required to log in to Canvas at least three (3) times each week, but you can pick the time of day that work best for your schedule. For the greatest success in the course, you are encouraged to login early in the week to leave ample time for questions, support, and to meet deadlines.

  • Students taking a 1-credit course, you should plan to spend approximately 4-6 hours each week working through the course modules.  If you are taking two 1-credit courses, plan to spend approximately 8-12 hours each week. 
  • For a 2-credit summer intensive, students are encouraged to login daily. You will spend approximately 8-12 hours each week.