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Mr. Kraig Kitts

Recommended Grade Level:
11th Grade, 12th Grade

Course Credits:
1 Credit

B- or Higher in Biology 1; C or higher in Honors Biology 1

Offered Online:
School Year


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Advanced Science, Special Topics is any science course which is grounded in extended laboratory, field, and literature investigations into one or more specialized science disciplines, such as anatomy/physiology, astronomy, biochemistry, botany, ecology, electromagnetism, genetics, geology, nuclear physics, organic chemistry, etc. Students enrolled in this course engage in an in-depth study of the application of science concepts, principles, and unifying themes that are unique to that particular science discipline and that address specific technological, environmental or health-related issues. Under the direction of a science advisor, students enrolled in this course will complete an end-of-course project and presentation, such as a scientific research paper or science fair project, integrating knowledge, skills, and concepts from the student’s course of study. Individual projects are preferred, but group projects may be appropriate if each student in the group has specific and unique responsibilities.


Counts as a science course for the General, Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical Honors diplomas


Students must have access to an iPad (or comparable device) with the following apps: Notability, Educreations, and Canvas. In addition, students are strongly encouraged to have access to a reliable computer with high-speed internet access.

Final Exam

There are no on-site final exam requirements for this course.

– Potential addition of first module to help student determine if this is right for them.–Below the course description

– A short quiz that will help students determine if online learning is the best option. 

– Data?

– Update of contacts and information-Done

– Need to add GC Introduction days for GC student during the school year, one for fall and one for spring: or perhaps a short video that all students are required to watch (not necessarily website related, but could be included) Joe is going to send a doodle

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