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Social Studies


Recommended Grade Level:
11th Grade, 12th Grade


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Sociology will provide you with a new way of looking at familiar and new things in your life. Can you imagine how your life would be different if you were: a Kuwaiti citizen instead of a U.S. citizen, different gender, different race or different social class? In Sociology, we will study the influence of one’s family, school, peers, culture and gender and how they affect your development as a human being.  We will study deviance and why it is relative and how the definition changes with time.  Sociologists are interested in social class and the life chances it provides for an individual.  How would your life be different if your parents were millionaires?  Sociologists are interested in the meaning we attach to race and ethnicity.  At the end of the course, students should begin to see how they are influenced by their society and the connection between their biography and history.

Students who enroll in Sociology through Global Campus will address the following question throughout their coursework:  What has the greatest influence or impact on an individual growing up in the United States today: Their race, their gender or their social class? Students will keep a blog to reflect on their own journey to examine how sociological influences impact students’ lives. Students will study current social issues such as race, social class, culture, deviance, gender, the family, and other current topics of interest to sociologists.

Counts as an Elective for the General, Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical Honors diplomas.

Students must have access to a computer or tablet with high-speed internet access and video/voice recording capabilities and the following apps:  Educreations, Videolicious, Pic Collage, and Canvas.  In addition, students are strongly encouraged to have access to a reliable computer with high-speed internet access.

Final Exam
There is no on-site final exam is required for this course. Students will write a reflective essay to address the question:  Which one of the following (race, social class or gender) has the greatest impact or influence on a human being growing up in the United States today?)