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Duncan Baumgart

Recommended Grade Level:
10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade

A in Algebra I or B or higher in Honors Algebra I

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Geometry (2-credit Intensive)

Geometry formalizes and extends students’ geometric experiences. Students explore more complex geometric situations and deepen their explanations of geometric relationships, moving towards formal mathematical arguments. Good thinking and study skills are necessary for success in Geometry. Geometry studies the relationships and properties of angles, lines, triangles and other polygons, circles, trigonometric ratios, planes, and spatial drawings. The use of deductive and inductive reasoning is stressed in the development of logic and reasoning used in proof.

Students who take Geometry (2-credit Intensive) through Global Campus will be exposed to a variety of investigative techniques, construction methods and various styles of writing proofs. Real-world applications of Geometry will be examined, and various technology resources will expand students’ understanding of Geometry. This version of Geometry is intended for students who plan to take Calculus as a Senior. Please view the prerequisite details for more information.


Fulfills the Geometry/Integrated Mathematics II requirement for the Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical Honors diplomas and counts as a Mathematics Course for the General Diploma


Requirements: Students must have access to a computer or mobile device with high-speed internet access. In addition, a scientific calculator or graphing calculator is required for this course. The recommendation or requirement of a scientific calculator means a model TI-30 or above; a graphing Calculator means TI-83+ silver edition or TI-84.  Students may only take this course if they have a recommendation from their Algebra II teacher to double up in Precalculus and Geometry.

Final Exam

Yes, an on-site final exam is required for this course. A valid photo ID is required. Details will be provided by the course instructor.

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