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Family and Consumer Science

Lesley Stevens

Recommended Grade Level:
11th Grade, 12th Grade

Recommended Prerequisites: Nutrition and Wellness, Child Development, Advanced Child Development, and Interpersonal Relationships

Offered Online:
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Education Professions

Education Professions I provides the foundation for employment in education and related careers and prepares students for study in higher education. An active learning approach that utilizes higher order thinking, communication, leadership, and management processes is recommended in order to integrate suggested topics into the study of education and related careers. The course of study includes, but is not limited to: the teaching profession, the learner and the learning process, planning instruction, learning environment, and instructional and assessment strategies. Exploratory field experiences in classroom settings and career portfolios are required components. A standards-based plan guides the students’ field experiences. Students are monitored in their field experiences by the Education Professionals I teacher. Articulation with postsecondary programs is encouraged.