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Josh Surface

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12th Grade

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Composition: Senior

Composition, a course based on Indiana’s Academic Standards for English/Language Arts and the Common Core State Standards for English/Language Arts, is a study and application of the rhetorical (effective) writing strategies of narration, description, exposition, and persuasion. Using the writing process, students demonstrate a command of vocabulary, English language conventions, research and organizational skills, an awareness of the audience, the purpose for writing, and style. Students read classic and contemporary literature or articles and use appropriate works as models for writing. Students write a variety of types of compositions with a focus on fictional narratives, reflective compositions, academic essays, and responses to literature. Composition through Global Campus provides an opportunity to explore a wide range of writing tools and strategies to engage in writing. Students should expect to spend 5-6 hours each week to complete the readings and learning activities. Students will engage in lively discussions and produce a digital writing portfolio that consists of six pieces of writing.

Fulfills an English/Language Arts requirement for the General, Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical Honors diplomas.


Students must have access to a computer with high-speed internet access.  Students must have the Notability and Pages apps.   All readings and instructional materials will be provided by the instructor.

Final Exam
There will be no on-site final exam. The final exam for this course will be largely a “portfolio” grade, made up of the final scores of major written assignments. It will be accompanied by a reflective statement on the portfolio and course.